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Bill Hanson
Big Bill Hanson aka “Dad” was the voice behind one of Western Canada’s hottest touring bands of the 90’s – Kidd Country. Bill grew up in Whitehorse, YT until age 13 when his family moved to Viking, AB. Looking for something to do, Bill began singing and playing bass guitar. His music teacher took a special interest in the kids in his class and formed a band, adding Bill on bass. It wasn’t long before they were playing on stages at weddings, country dances and parades. At 16, while keeping his studies up, he began touring on the road. At 18, he formed his own band and has been entertaining audiences with his powerful and distinctive voice ever since. It was that voice that led Kidd Country to 3 top 10 singles and awarded the band with Single of the Year and Performers of the Year by the Alberta Recording Industry. Since 2001 most of his time has been spent on the other end of the music business with Hanson Productions & Entertainment. The company he founded provides sound & lighting across Western Canada for any and all music events, Artist Management along with Tour & Road Management. Singling and playing were never far behind and he filled in with such acts as Tracy Millar, Gord Bamford, and Hey Romeo just to name a few, all the while playing in his “Basement Band” with Billie, Brett and Camryn.

Billie Lee Hanson has been singing for as long as she can remember. As early as 2 she was belting it out along side her Dad into a spaghetti ladle. Never the shy one, you could find her in the lead role in school musicals, talent shows and drama classes. Attending private vocal lessons in Edmonton has allowed her to try her voice at country, rock, folk, animated and classical. She enjoys listening and singing all types of music, but Country is in her genes and edges the rest of them ever so slightly. Singing wasn’t enough for her, so for the past 8 years she has added playing bass guitar to her music resume. On stage, she likes to steal the spotlight from Dad and take over lead vocal duties as much as she can.
Billie Lee Hanson

Brett Hanson
Brett Hanson keeps the beat for this family band. Sitting at the drum kit before his feet could even touch the ground, this 13 year old can play anything thrown at him. Country, Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal – you name it! While he prefers the rockier side of music, he has been toted as keeping “time” with some of the old school drummers. With only 9 years of professional drum lessons, he already has been told that by 18 he’ll need to study in New York or L.A. to find a challenge. At 8, he was the youngest member ever invited to play in the New Warriors (a program hosted by Smart Music School). Like his older sister, Brett wasn’t satisfied with just one musical talent and added bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards and madolin to his music resume. You can also find him writing, recording and producing his own songs. Currently he’s working on songs for The Hanson Jeans.

Camryn Grace Hanson, at only 9, isn’t far behind her brother and sister. She has already performed vocally at the last 5 school talent shows and has taken 1 year of piano, fiddle and vocal lessons. Although the bass, acoustic guitars are a little big for her, she does her best to strum along, finding the fiddle, mandolin and electric guitar more her size, she adds her own flare to the “Family Band”. She also helps out with vocals, tambourine and the cow bell.
Camryn Hanson

Shelby Hanson
Shelby Hanson is 11 years old and is the niece and cousin to the Hanson Family. She has been with the band for 3 years and plays keyboard and sings. She has been taking piano lessons for 5 years. She has also recently begun to play guitar. Tough to get a smile out of when on stage, Shelby insists she love to play with the band. She also likes swimming and camping




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